Recruitment of Renewable Energy (geothermal power plant) Drilling Engineers


About your work

Job content

Engaged in excavation-related work in the construction of a geothermal power plant

Job characteristics

Experienced and qualified people welcome

Application Requirements


Recruitment of renewable energy (geothermal power plant) drilling engineers


Annual salary 3,000,000 yen – 10,000,000 yen
Trial period of 3 months depending on experience and ability (same conditions)


Trial period available (3 months)

Employment conditions are the same as at the time of regular employment


  • With pay raise
  • With social insurance
  • Meal and meal assistance available

Transportation expenses

Full payment

Driver’s license required

Work location

Power plant construction site

Qualification requirements

Work experience related to this work (at least 3 years) ・Drilling work using a drilling rig ・Assembly/installation and dismantling of a drilling rig ・Operation of equipment and equipment related to a drilling rig and management of mud preparation ・Drilling Rig inspection and maintenance ・Resource and geological surveys using drilling rigs

Working hours

Shift work (break 60 minutes) ①7:30~20:00 ②19:30~8:00

Holiday vacation

Shift system
Paid holidays

About application

Flow after application

Document review ⇒ Interview (2 times) ⇒ Unofficial offer

Planned number of hires

Five people